Monday, October 22, 2012

Blah Blah Blah <--- Those Kind of Runs

I've learned that not all runs can be AMAZING.  Amazing shouldn't even be a word to choose from when it comes to these kind of runs.  Better diction would include: painful, annoying, long, boring, achy, whyamIdoingthis, and horrible.  At the end of these runs though, there is a sense of accomplishment.  If you can get through the suffering of a bad run, just imagine what else you can do (cheesy, much?).  Long story short, it makes pleasurable runs even more satisfying.

I'd rather struggle with a four miler than anything over 12 miles.  Even though a struggle with a short distance makes me feel like I must have lost what ever running ability I once had, it is much better than running for a long period with an on-going mental battle.  

Eh, bad days come, but they also don't stay around forever!

On a more interesting note, I was able to see one of my best friends from high school this past weekend and we did what we do best. Eat sushi.  In high school we used to go out for "girls night sushi" to nice Japanese restaurants in basketball shorts and Birkenstock sandals.  Attire we apparently considered appropriate?

Kristy (my sushi partner) is an (outstanding!) intern at Free People.  You could probably guess that just by looking at her and her adorable outfit.  Either that or she models for the company.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Long Beach Half and Finally Home!

Last week (actually exactly a week from today) I ran the Long Beach half marathon.  It was such a fast course and I was ecstatic to PR with a 1:36:15.  I did not think I could shave off 5 minutes of my RNR San Diego time of 1:41:35, but it happened!  I've decided that I'll be training for the Surf City full marathon on February 3rd, and hopefully start doing trail runs with A Running Experience Club (based in Long Beach.)

(in the white, not blue)

I FINAAALLLLY made a trip back to my home town; Chico.  When I arrived, it was the first day that the weather started to cool off.  Looks like the temperature should be heating up again in Chico when I head back to Southern California, but at least I got a little feel of a TRUE fall.

Got to love running in the home town.  The smells, the sights, and the neighborhoods just bring back to many comforting memories.

(excuse my finger...)

A friend had a bet going that he couldn't run 10 miles without walking (under an hour and a half), so I told him that I would help to pace him and keep him going!  Pacing in the mid-high 8's, he completed the task!  Talking at the same time.  Totally worth the 40 bucks.  You rocked Daniel!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Goals

Quick post to list:

Goals for October

1- believe hard work will pay off for a PR on the 7th (completed!)

2- decide next race/ training plan to go by (already have some ideas... ;)
Surf City Marathon- Feb. 3rd-? (decided on!)
Rock N' Roll Arizona Marathon- Jan. 20th-?

3- plan a greattt 18th birthday for my sister (done!)

4- talk with advisors for next semesters classes (scheduled for Halloween... why then Michelle??)

5- come up with the BEST/ORIGINAL Halloween costume to make up for past years of SLACKING (currently still slacking)

6- learn more about myself

7- find a way to use my strengths to benefit others

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Tapered Long Run

I figured I should jot down a few things about my (tapered) long run this past week.  Since the Long Beach half marathon is on October 7th, I was able to fit in time to a 10 miler the Thursday the week before.  A "good feeling" run is the best! It is definitely the kind of run that gives you the push to continue training.

I averaged a 8:34 pace through out the 10 miles, mile 1 was the only one a little over 9 minutes (for a warm-up!)  I knew I could keep a mid-8s pace fairly easily, but always find myself jogging along in the 9's during a LR.  This run gave me confidence during the end of training, which is what I needed!

Now I just can't get sick/injured... Last time I will mention that, do not want to jinx it!

Problem: I find myself singing outloud quite frequently during runs... the trouble is that I have headphones on and know that people probably can hear me. There is no reason I should ever be allowed to sing in public unless I'm surrounded by others singing and can appropriately blend in. Therefore, this needs to stop.

This post is a reminder for me that LRs don't always have to be dreaded!

It's strange how your mentality changes when increasing milage. While training for a 10K, a 12 mile run sounded HORRIBLE. At this stage of training for a half, a 10 miler sounds like it will go by quickly. Anything less than an hour and a half sounds amazing to me. As long as some good fuel will be included post-run. Maybe some chocolate to wash it all down? ;)

Fudge Brownie? yes.
Froyo? yes.
3.5 (or something like that) servings? no.