Saturday, September 21, 2013


Warning: This post will be all over the place, so if you are very organized and ADD about it- skip it now.  It's not worth the pain and torture (or is it)



1- I am really excited to have the opportunity to pace the 1:50 pace group for the Long Beach half.  As many runners understand, I am extremely nerdy when it comes to my Garmin.  Not only that, but it's one of the BFFs.  I named it Gary awhile back, and still have not changed it's (his) name.  Yes we may face difficult challenges together, but that is expected in a serious relationship.  Gary isn't beautiful anymore; I did fall and scratch him once (twice) but that is just the way life is.  Some people may call him ugly and huge, but I think he's perfect.

The point is, it's fun to play around with paces and Gary helps a lot with that.

Thought this would lighten up the mood.
The things this girl brings
 up though, I swear.
2- I locked my keys in my car. Again.  This only happens (for the most part) when I have a lot on my mind.  Of course I had TONS of studying to be doing, and had none of it with me.  Luckily I had my insurance card in my purse and called, not going to name drop but MERCURY insurance, to get someone to help me out.  My spare key is in a different city right now, long story, so that wasn't an option.  I tried to break into my car in many different ways and it just wasn't happening.

Sorry to anyone who had to witness my attempted break-ins into my own car.  After MERCURY explained to me to make sure I stayed put by my car and that the help would be there in 20-30 minutes, I sat on a curb for over an hour and played Candy Crush.  That's a lie, my lives were over in 15 minutes, so I had to go on Instagram,, and engage in other important activities Iphone related.  At this point, I am obviously starving because it's been an hour and I need some fuel, hello.  I receive a phone call from MERCURY asking how my completed service went.  THE FLIP.  I call them back, and after being on hold for a while, a lady asks me for all my information again, and after explaining again to her that I have a hip and trendy '87 Stanza, she informs me it will be there in 10-15 minutes. And to make sure I STAY BY MY CAR.

50 minutes later of pacing up and down the street, going crazy, I see a tow truck next to my car.  So I sprint over and the guy opens my door (passenger side because my drivers side is stuck forever closed for some strange reason) then jets off.

There is no moral to this story, it was just a vent.  I apologize.  And I know you are wondering if I got food- I did, no worries.

Is it worth it? (So unrelated, I love it.)
I had a Living Social deal for a Therapeutic, or a "this-is-going-to-hurt-but-pretend-to-enjoy-it" massage.  It actually felt amazing after, I was a little sore but it did loosen everything up.  All-in-all the massage was great!  The only problem I had with the entire experience was the somewhat-intense elevator music playing in the background.  I did not want to be rude, so I did not say anything.  Truth- I thought the music might put the one giving me the massage in her "massage zone" so I kept quiet.  I think music is a key part of a massage though, so if you own a massage parlor, keep that in mind.  Just a little advice from a senior marketing major who very rarely gets massages.

HAVE A GREAT SATURDAY! Because, why not?  Enjoy the weekends, even if you work.  That's why they were invented: to be enjoyed.  (Just go along with it, or believe it and it will be true)

*Apologies for gramatical errors*

Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Example of Positive Splits and Better Things

So happy during the first few miles!
(I'm the nerd in the pink.)
I hobbled around for the first day, (other than a walk and moving from class to class) didn't move much the second day, can't even remember yesterday (oh ya, I ate everything in the apartment), and today went on my first run post marathon!
Walk on the sand, day two after marathon.

It was obviously slower and more relaxed than a normal run.  The depressing funny thing was, it was at the same pace as my marathon -________-

If you ever want an example of positive splits, refer to this post:

*Woo hoo I'll pace the first half under 8*
7:47, 7:51, 7:50, 7:49, 7:55, 7:57, 7:50, 8:00

*Ok, I banked a little time and my side hurts, I can slow it down for a little*
8:11, 8:15, 8:15, 8:08, 8:23, 8:26, 8:57 (and here we go)

9:08, 8:53, 9:22, 10:32, 11:02 (ugh), 11:06, 12:21 (note: this was not a walk)

12:16, 11:57, 11:25, 11:29, 8:57 (haha)

Such a great progressive run! Went from the 7s to the 8s to the 9s, briefly to the 10s, to the 11s, to the 12s!

On a more positive note, I am so excited for my friend Kristy! She is training for her first half on October 13th!  She is running Long Beach (which is my favorite half eveRRR) and I just know she is going to kill it.

It is so fun talking about shoes, GU, workouts, chaffing (fun is a relative word), and everything running with her.

I will be pacing the 1:50 half for AREC.  Excited to have the opportunity to do this.

It's crazy how October seems so far away, but when you look at it in terms of when a race is, it seems so much closer.

Have a great Thursday!

Yesterday was the first time I took my car through a cash wash.  It was an impulsive/expensive (for me) decision, but now it looks amazing.  

Drive-thru car wash, yay or nay?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

OHHHHH Marathon Problems

I might as well just get it out all now.  Since it's fresh in my memory (although I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not...)

Pretending to look happy, but actually delirious
and probably couldn't move. (Don't worry, I made
sure to walk around after for a while.)
It was a picture-perfect, too good to be true, morning.  Got to sleep easily and slept really well.  Woke up with energy and had time to get things perfectly organized, drink water, coffee (which I usually do) and eat my normal power bar.  When I got to a hotel near the race to meet up with AREC friends, I went to the bathroom TWICE and walked over to the starting line, unstressed.

The end.
Just kidding, the day completely changes from this point on.

It was a smaller race, around 700 or so runners ran the full.  I easily lined up but felt a little sick to my stomach.  I thought it was from nerves, which usually don't effect me physically, but I just shoved the feeling off and got in position to take off.

The first 6ish miles I ran with a few people I met who were aiming around a 7:50 pace.  They were awesome! Such great people.  Leslie, such a stud and had run a 45 min 10k the day before in a tri relay, was running the half and was fun to talk to.  Hope you did great by the way! Same with everyone else!- who all passed me, so I'm hoping you all got that BQ!

Throwing this pic in the mix to lighten
things up.
Turned my music on early, after 6 miles.  I was aiming for after 10 (like how did had at Surf City) but I needed a little (just a little at this point) mental push and it kind of did the trick.  Mile 9 I took my first gel which was difficult because I had just developed the worst side ache.  I NEVER get side aches but I knew it would go away if I continued to run.  It did.

I was still ahead of the 3:30 pace group, but just right in front of them at the half way point. And around this time, probably when they passed me I **DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE GROSSED OUT** threw up in my mouth.  Ugh I was grossed out.  This is the start of the sh*t show. I slowed down my pace a little, thinking I would be able to catch up if I just collected myself, but then it happened again.  From that point on I had the worst stomach ache I have ever had in my entire life.  And it was only mile 16.

Not going to lie, I was contemplated fake injuries that would require me to be taken away by an ambulance.  I don't throw up very often, which is a good and a bad thing.  I felt that if I was able to just puke on the side of the race, I could continue to run.  My body wouldn't allow that though, it decided on keeping the horrific feeling for the rest of the race.  I honestly feel bad for the children spectating with their parents that had to see me in such pain.  I hope I didn't scare them away from the marathon.

Let's just say I was going so slow I noticed two dead possums, a caterpillar, and let's be honest-
probably an ant.

Again, has nothing to do with what I am saying,
but his last name is Thompson so it was a must.

BEST PART OF THE RACE- mile 24 an adorable blonde toddler blew me a kiss.  I died a little, then continued to die in the painful way.  I had a kick for maybe the last .00001 of the race.  And then when I crossed the finish line I cried.

Over all, it was a very humbling experience.  I was very lucky with my last marathon at Surf City where I never hit a wall and never felt that tired.  It was challenging to change my goal during the race to "hit a solid BQ" to "just finish the damn thing."

Maybe not at this moment, but I know I will be grateful for this race.  It really taught me what a challenge is.  This was probably one of the biggest mental challenges I have ever faced.  I love pushing myself, and even though I was not satisfied with my time, I was satisfied with my ability to finish.

A huge congratulations to everyone today who got their BQ or PRed or just had a great race!  Before the race I was with so many amazing runners who truly are an inspiration.

Maybe I will post my splits later (which are hilarious) but not now.  I am home watching the 49ers game and drinking beer.


Ok fine i'll say it, I finished a little over 4 hours.  Which is not a bad time, but is a bad time when you were planning for 30 minutes faster.

This is my 'I DON'T EVEN CARE I'M
Everyone has that face, right?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Night Before Ventura

I never write here! But I'm thinking I should start to more often.

Ventura Marathon is tomorrow. HOW AND WHY IS IT ALREADY HERE?!

Over the past few months of training I've had a minor hip problem on and off- which didn't seem to ever call for immediate attention.  (I probably should have gone to the doctor regardless). From the research I did, the common treatment would have just call for extra stretching, rolling, icing, etc. (which I attempted...)

The training runs were pretty typical- one long run a week (two 20s total) with weekly miles anywhere from mid 30s-40s.  Tempos were occasionally placed in there along with cross-training.

I feel ok.  I feel stronger than I was before my last marathon, but more prepared...?  That isn't really something I should question the night before (exactly 10 hours before the start to be exact :0 ) <--- that is not a clown face BTW, that is an OMG wtf mouth open wide in shock, face.

Dinner consisted of delish spaghetti with chicken from Macaroni Grill.  I did the "make your own" pasta option and choose the spaghetti with chicken, garlic, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Hit the spot.  So did the HUGE portion of bread before.  Yes, I did take the carb loading very serious the past couple days.

Clothes are out, garmin is charging, bib is pinned.  Now it's time to go to bed (ya right)

Thank you Cody for driving! Best boyfriend award.

 (At Shoreline Jam in Long Beach)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zietta Clara and I'm Back!

How has over a half-year gone by since I last posted!?  Looks like I'm starting up again... 
I came across the company Zietta Clara and decided to dedicate a post to the awesome architectural hardware collection. 

Zietta Clara- So Elegant and Unique!           

            What can you open and close while having a brief moment of sophistication and sheer elegance enchant your momentum?  Knowing you are in contact with something unique, something that maybe no one else, other than the artist and her visionary mind, has held.  This object is none other than the beautifully glass blown knobs by Zietta Clara- slightly varying in their authentic color pattern, shape, and size.
            As a college student, when I see the elegance of such an object it makes me want to make my bed.  It makes me want to organize the notes on my ground from my 8 am class.  I want to have my life put together as well as Zietta Clara products complete a piece of furniture.  Ultimately, it has me dreaming of that house I will one day own, with Zietta Clara knobs on my bedroom dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets. 
            Knowing one day I will not only sport Zietta Clara knobs, but also the elegant hardware in my future modern and stylish home, I realize that Zietta Clara has quite the target market.  New and existing homeowners wanting a trendy new touch (literally touchable) to their humble abode will be attracted to these products.  Middle to upper class families, especially in the LA and OC areas, will be drawn to the individualism of the precious, unique items.  Yes, it is easy to go to Home Depot and choose simple, and boring knobs for ones new drawers.  But if there were the option to place classy yet contemporary knobs on that carved walnut drawers you bought for half of your paycheck, wouldn’t that just make more sense?
            I can visualize Zietta Clara products in multiple locations.  In more recognizable stores such as: Pier One Imports, World Market, and even maybe Home Depot, it would be placed along the more expensive and higher-class products.  Kouboo, a home décor store known for it’s products fashioned by hand, would be a great place to display Zietta Clara’s individualistic nature.  Zietta Clara could also branch out to yacht and boat stores, as one with an already expensive and beloved boat would want to furnish it with only the best décor.  Next to the Seal Beach Yacht Club is the store West Marine, which would draw many wealthy and cultured individuals to the antique and precious knobs, sleeves, rosettes, and thumb turns Zietta Clara has to offer.  Zietta Clara can even be marketed to be in private college dorm rooms.  The fine pieces of art in the simplest place, such the room in which one sleeps, would inspire the future of America, and look utterly amazing.  Visiting parents may get the idea to enlighten their own home with the pieces-but hey- the point is Zietta Clara has options to where it can place its’ product.
            Zietta Clara product can be the final touch of decoration in ones room, a surprise to a loved one as a present, and to ultimately turn ones house into a home.  I am inspired by the extraordinary work of art, and encourage others to discover the amazing creations and designs by Stacie Isabella Turk.


I'm out of school for the summer! Time for a lot of running, eating, adventuring, and living it up!- Not to mention posting on here!

Random thought of the week: I want a Borzoi

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fitting In a Run and Running With Others

Voting day! Not only did I have to get my vote in, but I also had to wake up early to study for an econ quiz at 8am, and then study for a midterm for my night class (didn't quite have the time to study for it this weekend.)

Now to fit in a 7 miler.  It helped to plan my day the night before.  I wrote down everything I had to get done, then highlighted what would realistically get done (realistically I will not do my laundry today, let's be real ((or lazy.))  I google mapped a run to the polls.  It turned out to be around 2 miles.  I decided to take the long way and make it a four mile run there-[this is when I walked in and voted, all sweaty and delicious looking]-and three miles home.

There were no excuses to not get the run in!  I'm sure I could have easily made up some, but when you look in advance, there is always a chunk of time (even if it's only 20 minutes) to get your legs moving.  

Here is a sweaty, and somewhat creepy, picture of me at the polls.  I'm sure someone questioned why I was taking a picture of myself in my running attire after I had voted.  Oh well, I MADE THEM THINK.

A few weeks ago, I joined AREC, A Running Experience Club.  I LOVE IT! It is so nice to go on long run with others.  Last week I ran with a few others for 14 miles at an 8:24 pace.  It seemed fairly easy (key word- fairly), and went by rather quickly when comparing it to a run I'd go on alone.  Talking + running = my two favorite things- not including sushi, friends, chocolate, and cats.  Not in that order.

Everyone go vote! Have a great Tuesday ;)

Time to make some lunch.  I will stick to what I know:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blah Blah Blah <--- Those Kind of Runs

I've learned that not all runs can be AMAZING.  Amazing shouldn't even be a word to choose from when it comes to these kind of runs.  Better diction would include: painful, annoying, long, boring, achy, whyamIdoingthis, and horrible.  At the end of these runs though, there is a sense of accomplishment.  If you can get through the suffering of a bad run, just imagine what else you can do (cheesy, much?).  Long story short, it makes pleasurable runs even more satisfying.

I'd rather struggle with a four miler than anything over 12 miles.  Even though a struggle with a short distance makes me feel like I must have lost what ever running ability I once had, it is much better than running for a long period with an on-going mental battle.  

Eh, bad days come, but they also don't stay around forever!

On a more interesting note, I was able to see one of my best friends from high school this past weekend and we did what we do best. Eat sushi.  In high school we used to go out for "girls night sushi" to nice Japanese restaurants in basketball shorts and Birkenstock sandals.  Attire we apparently considered appropriate?

Kristy (my sushi partner) is an (outstanding!) intern at Free People.  You could probably guess that just by looking at her and her adorable outfit.  Either that or she models for the company.