Monday, October 22, 2012

Blah Blah Blah <--- Those Kind of Runs

I've learned that not all runs can be AMAZING.  Amazing shouldn't even be a word to choose from when it comes to these kind of runs.  Better diction would include: painful, annoying, long, boring, achy, whyamIdoingthis, and horrible.  At the end of these runs though, there is a sense of accomplishment.  If you can get through the suffering of a bad run, just imagine what else you can do (cheesy, much?).  Long story short, it makes pleasurable runs even more satisfying.

I'd rather struggle with a four miler than anything over 12 miles.  Even though a struggle with a short distance makes me feel like I must have lost what ever running ability I once had, it is much better than running for a long period with an on-going mental battle.  

Eh, bad days come, but they also don't stay around forever!

On a more interesting note, I was able to see one of my best friends from high school this past weekend and we did what we do best. Eat sushi.  In high school we used to go out for "girls night sushi" to nice Japanese restaurants in basketball shorts and Birkenstock sandals.  Attire we apparently considered appropriate?

Kristy (my sushi partner) is an (outstanding!) intern at Free People.  You could probably guess that just by looking at her and her adorable outfit.  Either that or she models for the company.

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