Saturday, September 7, 2013

Night Before Ventura

I never write here! But I'm thinking I should start to more often.

Ventura Marathon is tomorrow. HOW AND WHY IS IT ALREADY HERE?!

Over the past few months of training I've had a minor hip problem on and off- which didn't seem to ever call for immediate attention.  (I probably should have gone to the doctor regardless). From the research I did, the common treatment would have just call for extra stretching, rolling, icing, etc. (which I attempted...)

The training runs were pretty typical- one long run a week (two 20s total) with weekly miles anywhere from mid 30s-40s.  Tempos were occasionally placed in there along with cross-training.

I feel ok.  I feel stronger than I was before my last marathon, but more prepared...?  That isn't really something I should question the night before (exactly 10 hours before the start to be exact :0 ) <--- that is not a clown face BTW, that is an OMG wtf mouth open wide in shock, face.

Dinner consisted of delish spaghetti with chicken from Macaroni Grill.  I did the "make your own" pasta option and choose the spaghetti with chicken, garlic, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Hit the spot.  So did the HUGE portion of bread before.  Yes, I did take the carb loading very serious the past couple days.

Clothes are out, garmin is charging, bib is pinned.  Now it's time to go to bed (ya right)

Thank you Cody for driving! Best boyfriend award.

 (At Shoreline Jam in Long Beach)

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