Sunday, September 8, 2013

OHHHHH Marathon Problems

I might as well just get it out all now.  Since it's fresh in my memory (although I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not...)

Pretending to look happy, but actually delirious
and probably couldn't move. (Don't worry, I made
sure to walk around after for a while.)
It was a picture-perfect, too good to be true, morning.  Got to sleep easily and slept really well.  Woke up with energy and had time to get things perfectly organized, drink water, coffee (which I usually do) and eat my normal power bar.  When I got to a hotel near the race to meet up with AREC friends, I went to the bathroom TWICE and walked over to the starting line, unstressed.

The end.
Just kidding, the day completely changes from this point on.

It was a smaller race, around 700 or so runners ran the full.  I easily lined up but felt a little sick to my stomach.  I thought it was from nerves, which usually don't effect me physically, but I just shoved the feeling off and got in position to take off.

The first 6ish miles I ran with a few people I met who were aiming around a 7:50 pace.  They were awesome! Such great people.  Leslie, such a stud and had run a 45 min 10k the day before in a tri relay, was running the half and was fun to talk to.  Hope you did great by the way! Same with everyone else!- who all passed me, so I'm hoping you all got that BQ!

Throwing this pic in the mix to lighten
things up.
Turned my music on early, after 6 miles.  I was aiming for after 10 (like how did had at Surf City) but I needed a little (just a little at this point) mental push and it kind of did the trick.  Mile 9 I took my first gel which was difficult because I had just developed the worst side ache.  I NEVER get side aches but I knew it would go away if I continued to run.  It did.

I was still ahead of the 3:30 pace group, but just right in front of them at the half way point. And around this time, probably when they passed me I **DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE GROSSED OUT** threw up in my mouth.  Ugh I was grossed out.  This is the start of the sh*t show. I slowed down my pace a little, thinking I would be able to catch up if I just collected myself, but then it happened again.  From that point on I had the worst stomach ache I have ever had in my entire life.  And it was only mile 16.

Not going to lie, I was contemplated fake injuries that would require me to be taken away by an ambulance.  I don't throw up very often, which is a good and a bad thing.  I felt that if I was able to just puke on the side of the race, I could continue to run.  My body wouldn't allow that though, it decided on keeping the horrific feeling for the rest of the race.  I honestly feel bad for the children spectating with their parents that had to see me in such pain.  I hope I didn't scare them away from the marathon.

Let's just say I was going so slow I noticed two dead possums, a caterpillar, and let's be honest-
probably an ant.

Again, has nothing to do with what I am saying,
but his last name is Thompson so it was a must.

BEST PART OF THE RACE- mile 24 an adorable blonde toddler blew me a kiss.  I died a little, then continued to die in the painful way.  I had a kick for maybe the last .00001 of the race.  And then when I crossed the finish line I cried.

Over all, it was a very humbling experience.  I was very lucky with my last marathon at Surf City where I never hit a wall and never felt that tired.  It was challenging to change my goal during the race to "hit a solid BQ" to "just finish the damn thing."

Maybe not at this moment, but I know I will be grateful for this race.  It really taught me what a challenge is.  This was probably one of the biggest mental challenges I have ever faced.  I love pushing myself, and even though I was not satisfied with my time, I was satisfied with my ability to finish.

A huge congratulations to everyone today who got their BQ or PRed or just had a great race!  Before the race I was with so many amazing runners who truly are an inspiration.

Maybe I will post my splits later (which are hilarious) but not now.  I am home watching the 49ers game and drinking beer.


Ok fine i'll say it, I finished a little over 4 hours.  Which is not a bad time, but is a bad time when you were planning for 30 minutes faster.

This is my 'I DON'T EVEN CARE I'M
Everyone has that face, right?

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