Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zietta Clara and I'm Back!

How has over a half-year gone by since I last posted!?  Looks like I'm starting up again... 
I came across the company Zietta Clara and decided to dedicate a post to the awesome architectural hardware collection. 

Zietta Clara- So Elegant and Unique!           

            What can you open and close while having a brief moment of sophistication and sheer elegance enchant your momentum?  Knowing you are in contact with something unique, something that maybe no one else, other than the artist and her visionary mind, has held.  This object is none other than the beautifully glass blown knobs by Zietta Clara- slightly varying in their authentic color pattern, shape, and size.
            As a college student, when I see the elegance of such an object it makes me want to make my bed.  It makes me want to organize the notes on my ground from my 8 am class.  I want to have my life put together as well as Zietta Clara products complete a piece of furniture.  Ultimately, it has me dreaming of that house I will one day own, with Zietta Clara knobs on my bedroom dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets. 
            Knowing one day I will not only sport Zietta Clara knobs, but also the elegant hardware in my future modern and stylish home, I realize that Zietta Clara has quite the target market.  New and existing homeowners wanting a trendy new touch (literally touchable) to their humble abode will be attracted to these products.  Middle to upper class families, especially in the LA and OC areas, will be drawn to the individualism of the precious, unique items.  Yes, it is easy to go to Home Depot and choose simple, and boring knobs for ones new drawers.  But if there were the option to place classy yet contemporary knobs on that carved walnut drawers you bought for half of your paycheck, wouldn’t that just make more sense?
            I can visualize Zietta Clara products in multiple locations.  In more recognizable stores such as: Pier One Imports, World Market, and even maybe Home Depot, it would be placed along the more expensive and higher-class products.  Kouboo, a home décor store known for it’s products fashioned by hand, would be a great place to display Zietta Clara’s individualistic nature.  Zietta Clara could also branch out to yacht and boat stores, as one with an already expensive and beloved boat would want to furnish it with only the best décor.  Next to the Seal Beach Yacht Club is the store West Marine, which would draw many wealthy and cultured individuals to the antique and precious knobs, sleeves, rosettes, and thumb turns Zietta Clara has to offer.  Zietta Clara can even be marketed to be in private college dorm rooms.  The fine pieces of art in the simplest place, such the room in which one sleeps, would inspire the future of America, and look utterly amazing.  Visiting parents may get the idea to enlighten their own home with the pieces-but hey- the point is Zietta Clara has options to where it can place its’ product.
            Zietta Clara product can be the final touch of decoration in ones room, a surprise to a loved one as a present, and to ultimately turn ones house into a home.  I am inspired by the extraordinary work of art, and encourage others to discover the amazing creations and designs by Stacie Isabella Turk.



I'm out of school for the summer! Time for a lot of running, eating, adventuring, and living it up!- Not to mention posting on here!

Random thought of the week: I want a Borzoi

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