Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fitting In a Run and Running With Others

Voting day! Not only did I have to get my vote in, but I also had to wake up early to study for an econ quiz at 8am, and then study for a midterm for my night class (didn't quite have the time to study for it this weekend.)

Now to fit in a 7 miler.  It helped to plan my day the night before.  I wrote down everything I had to get done, then highlighted what would realistically get done (realistically I will not do my laundry today, let's be real ((or lazy.))  I google mapped a run to the polls.  It turned out to be around 2 miles.  I decided to take the long way and make it a four mile run there-[this is when I walked in and voted, all sweaty and delicious looking]-and three miles home.

There were no excuses to not get the run in!  I'm sure I could have easily made up some, but when you look in advance, there is always a chunk of time (even if it's only 20 minutes) to get your legs moving.  

Here is a sweaty, and somewhat creepy, picture of me at the polls.  I'm sure someone questioned why I was taking a picture of myself in my running attire after I had voted.  Oh well, I MADE THEM THINK.

A few weeks ago, I joined AREC, A Running Experience Club.  I LOVE IT! It is so nice to go on long run with others.  Last week I ran with a few others for 14 miles at an 8:24 pace.  It seemed fairly easy (key word- fairly), and went by rather quickly when comparing it to a run I'd go on alone.  Talking + running = my two favorite things- not including sushi, friends, chocolate, and cats.  Not in that order.

Everyone go vote! Have a great Tuesday ;)

Time to make some lunch.  I will stick to what I know:


  1. Running with others is the BEST THING EVER. I love it so much. I started a track group last spring and I met a gal there that is just my speed, and we're regular buds for running now. Hope you continue to enjoy the group!

  2. Got to love that! And I am :) We just finished the training for the Surf City marathon this upcoming weekend!
    Don't the best conversation come up during a run?